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Cute Animal Cupcakes
Ferrero Rocher Giant cupcake
Emoji cupcakes
Pretty pink and cream cupcake bouquet
Harry Potter themed cupcakes
Shopkins themed cupcake board
Superhero themed cupcakes, image was supplied for the design.
Vegas themed giant cupcake and matching cupcakes
Hen Party Cupcakes
Chocolate lovers cupcakes
Golden wedding cupcakes
Car themed cupcakes
Hand drawn & painted Room on the Broom Cupcakes
Peppa Pig themed Cupcakes
18th Birthday Giant Cupcake

Chocolate giant cupcake

Lindor Giant Cupcake (2)
Superhero Cupcakes Huddersfield (2)
Huddersfield town themed cupcakes
Las Vegas Casino Cupcake Board
90th birthday cupcake board caramel cupcakes
Ferrero Rocher themed cupcake board, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate hazelnut filling topped with ferr
1st birthday cupcakes
Bride to be cupcakes
Tangled themed giant cupcake and matching cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcakes  (2)
Beauty and the Beast cupcake board
Peppa Pig themed cupcakes
Batman themed cupcake board
Pretty 1st Birthday Giant Cupcake
Mermaid themed cupcakes
Pretty 60th wedding anniversary cupcakes with edible silver leaf
Good Luck cupcake board for somebody emigrating to Australia
Giant Cupcake
Horse themed cupcakes
Skiing themed cupcake board
Fireman Sam Themed cupcakes
50th Birthday Giant Cupcake
Lilac and white pretty themed cupcakes
Makeup themed cupcake board
30th birthday cupcakes with shots of prosecco!
F1 Cupcakes
Superhero themed cupcake board
60th birthday Las Vegas themed cupcakes
Cupcake Bouquet
Pug Dogs Cupcakes
Minion Themed Cupcake Board
Wedding Cupcakes
Unicorn themed Cupcakes
Cath Kidston design Cupcakes
Nautical themed cupcakes
Family Cupcake Board
Toy Story themed cupcake board
Harry Potter themed Cupcakes
Farm animal themed cupcakes
Pokemon themed cupcake board, this had around 20 more cupcakes to accompany it!!
Pony themed cupcakes for a My Little Pony convention and riding for the disabled
Owl themed Giant Cupcake with Co-ordinating Cupcakes
Science themed Cupcakes
Halloween themed cupcakes
40th Birthday Cupcake Tower
Arsenal themed birthday cupcake board
Hen Party Cupcake Board
Little Miss & Mr Men Themed Cupcakes
13th Birthday Cupcake Board
London & Dino themed Cupcake Board
Frozen Cupcake Board
Harry Potter Themed Cupcake Board
91st Birthday Cupcake Board
Pretty Pastel Birthday Cupcakes
18th Birthday Cupcake Tower with Cocktail Theme
Baby Shower Cupcakes
Build a Bear Themed Cupcake Board
Alice in Wonderland themed Cupcakes (Design based on image supplied)
Frozen Themed Giant Cupcake
Girly Cupcake Tower
Girly sweetie themed cupcakes
Peppa Pig & In The Night Garden Cupcakes
Prom Themed Cupcakes
Princess Cupcakes
Jungle Themed Cupcakes
Minecraft Cupcake Board
Emoji Cupcake Board
Mulberry Themed Cupcakes
Thank You Cupcakes
60th Cupcake Birthday Board
Bridal Party Cupcakes
Vintage Golden Cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcakes
Mullberry Themed Cupcakes

©Design & Image Protected - Cupcake Creations by Cassandra (

Tom & Jerry Cupcakes
21st Birthday Cath Kidston style cupcakes
MAC themed cupcake board
Star Wars themed Birthday Cupcakes
Golf & Football themed cupcake board
Boys Cupcake Board
Running Themed Cupcake Board
Pastel Cupcake Board
Girly Birthday Cupcakes
50th Birthday Cupcake Board
Cadburys Creme Egg's & Oreo's Cupcake Board
16th Birthday Cupcake Board
Tennis themed Cupcake Board
Fishing Theme Cupcakes
Pretty Pink Birthday Cupcakes
Circus Theme Cupcakes
Girly Cupcakes
Choc & Vanilla 40th Birthday Cupcakes
Christmas Elf Cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcakes
Minni Mouse Themed Giant Cupcake
Vintage Themed Birthday Cupcakes
Christmas Cupcakes
LEGO Themed Cupcake Board
Giant Cupcake
Lord of the Rings Cupcakes
Carrot & Oreo Cupcakes
Halloween Cupcakes
Pretty Vintage Themed Cupcakes
Cocktail Themed Cupcakes
Green & White Vintage Cupcakes
Purple & Red Peony Cupcakes
Make up themed cupcakes
Bob the Builder Cupcakes
Tea Party Cupcakes
Manchester United Theme Cupcake Board
16th Birthday Cupcakes
Xbox Cupcakes
Vanilla Vintage Cupcakes
Valentine Cupcakes
Tiffany Themed Cupcakes
Cute Girly Cupcakes.
My Little Pony Cupcakes
Smurfs Cupcakes
Pretty Vintage Cupcakes
Pirate Theme Cupcakes
Pink & White Cupcakes
Pink & Blue Cupcakes
Peaches & Cream Cupcakes
Minions & Monsters Inc Cupcakes
Marvel Superhero Cupcakes
Peppa Pig Cupcakes
Huddersfield Giants Rugby Cupcakes
Horse Themed Cupcakes
Mothers Day Cupcakes 2
Mothers Day Cupcakes
Monthers Day Cupcakes
Animal Theme Cupcakes
Hen Party Cupcakes
Golf Cupcakes
Gatsby Themed Cupcakes
Giraffe Theme Cupcakes
Star Wars Cupcakes
Logo Cupcakes
Family Guy Cupcakes
Cocktail Party Cupcakes
Easter Cupcakes
Bond Theme Cupcakes
Black & Pink Cupcakes.
Breaking Bad Cake and Cupcakes
Toy Story Cupcakes
18th Birthday Lads on Tour Cake & Cupcakes

18th Birthday Lads on Tour Cake & Cupcakes

Vintage Wedding Cupcakes
Frozen Cupcakes
minions Cupcakes
Pastel Birthday Board
Frozen Party Cupcakes
Wedding Cupcakes
Batman Birthday Cupcakes
Baby Shower Cupcakes
Zoo Theme Cupcakes
18th Birthday Cupcakes
60th Bithday Cupcakes
Hen Party Cupcakes
Angry Birds Cupcakes
Minions 2 Cupcakes
Pony Theme Cupcakes
Frozen Theme Cupcakes
Vitage Cupcakes
30th Birthday Cupcakes
15th Birthday Cupcakes
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